Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Muley Hunt '08

Whit and I decided that we needed to dust off the 'ol jeep and take her out into the hills. So we headed up behind diamond valley tuesday afternoon for a "jeep ride"...aka deer hunting. We found the bumpiest road we could find and proceeded with caution, well kinda.... whit was driving!!! Scary, I know! Anyway, we had seen quite a few mama muley's but no monster muley's and the day was almost over. Whit was cruising along as I stood in the back of the jeep, much better visibility from there, when I spotted this guy down off the road. Now we were hunting in some really thick cedar trees that had been burned a few years ago. I jumped out of the Jeep and fired off a quick shot as he was trotting away which I'm pretty sure missed cause he just kept trotting. The second shot was right on the money and he went down, shot through the heart... and you're to blame... baby... uh sorry I got carried away. Any hoo the short of the story is this, i finally shot a muley. After going out numerous times on my own and coming back empty handed I went for a "jeep ride" with whit and I killed a muley. She must be my good luck charm.

Thursday, September 25, 2008



Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Lake Powell 2008

This year the McDonalds were able to attend the blessed Lake Powell 2 times B!!! It was a riot both time! Absolutely LOVED IT!!! Did some business... ALOT of business and a BUNCH of playin!! Just the way we like it.

The BIG Day!!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Lake Powell '08

G to the O, O to the D, T to the I, M with an E!!!! TIME FOR A GOOD TIME!!!!

Summer of 2008

Okay folks!!! So here is the truth, we are going to tell ya all about what a McDee summer is all about... At least for the '08 season. The plan is to change it up every year, uh-huh, that's correct we have the onward and upward idea.
So, for starters of the season, we went on this crazy, intense, mega-freakin-scary hike-O-rama. Conducted by a few of our personal favorites, Shay Jackson and the sexy one, McDee himself. They had this "plan" to try and ran every loved one of theirs to their death!!!! JK :) Seriously though, this hike was like none other. The requirements showed nesecary equipment being: rope, climbing gear, kayak, 300 sav, thanksgiving feasts, extra socks, 100 gallons of H2O, WARM sleeping bags, and advil. Luckily, we went with the KANAB men. Therfore we only needed a tissue and a few granola bars with one water bottle! We were SET!!! Here we go on our 15 mile hike.
It was beautiful! Slot canyons getting deep all the way down... wait, did the guide say anything about waterfalls?? It didn't. Were there some anyway??? OH YEAH!!! Only a 15 footer, a 20 footer, and the big mama 50 footer! NO BIGGIE!!! We're with KANAB men!! After 15 miles of slot canyons, waterfalls, back pack zip lines, tip-toing a one inch ledge on a sriaght up cliff, falling into a 45 degree river, we came to the opening!! Finally.... We had reached... The next half of our hike!!!! 30 Miles later and 2 in the morning, we realized guides can be somewhat deceving. All-in-all, the trip was one GIANT successful adventure!! The Barracks is no hike for amatuers, wussies, or someone cannot grow a beard!! It's one of challenge, endurance, and excellence. Good job to all of the finalists!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008